Services We Offer

Standard Clean
This service includes:

• Clean counters, cabinet exteriors, table and chairs.
• Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks, countertops and backsplashes.
• Clean exterior of ranges, refrigerators and small appliances.
• Clean inside and outside of microwave ovens.
• Vacuum and wash floor.

• Clean, sanitize and deodorize.
• Clean, scrub and sanitize showers and bathtubs.
• Vanities, sinks and backsplashes cleaned and sanitized.
• Clean mirrors
• Clean and sanitize toilets.
• Wash floors and tile walls.

All Rooms
• Clean, dust and vacuum.
• Dusting: window sills, ledges, louvered doors, blinds, picture frames
• Dusting: knickknacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards.
• Remove cobwebs.
• Wash and dry wood floors.
• Vacuum carpets or wash floors.
• Vacuum furniture including under seat cushions.
• Empty wastebaskets.
Deep Clean (Additional $25)
This service includes:
Standard Clean, Plus…

• Wet wipe cupboard and cabinet doors.
• Wet wipe: Baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans.
• Wet wipe any other woodwork.
• Edge carpets.
• Clean out vents.
• Hand wash all floors.
• Clean underneath stove.
• Clean under couch and couch cushions.
• Clean other nooks and crevices that are often ignored throughout the home.
Move-In / Move-Out (Additional $75)
This service includes:
Deep Clean, Plus…

• Remove nails from walls.
• Clean on top of cupboards.
• Clean inside cabinets.
• Clean underneath refrigerator.
• Clean refrigerator.
• Clean oven.
• Wipe down shelves in closets and vacuum them.
Other Services
Dish Washing ($25)
Refrigerator Clean ($20)
Oven Clean ($25)
Interior Windows ($30)
Exterior Windows (Starting at $80)
Wall Washing (Starting at $100)